Join the NYC Votes Early Voting Challenge

This year, for the first time ever, New Yorkers get to vote EARLY!

Will you join us in spreading the word about early voting by taking the NYC Votes Early Voting Challenge?

  1. COMMIT to voting early by telling us why you're excited to vote early, and we’ll send you a Gone Votin’ sticker so you can let everyone know when you head to the polls!
  2. SHARE the challenge with three friends.
  3. POST an #IVotedEarly selfie with your Gone Votin’ OR “I Voted” sticker once you’ve gone to the polls anytime between 10/26 and 11/3 and tag us @NYCVotes.

Instead of having to vote on just one weekday, you now have the option to vote at a designated early voting poll site in your borough from Saturday, October 26th through Sunday, November 3rd. Click here to find out when early voting hours are!

While you’ll still have the option to vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 5th), this landmark reform means that more voters than ever will have the opportunity to vote and participate in our democracy. Take the Challenge now, and help us spread awareness about early voting!